Create & Manage all your legal contracts from our automated contract generating tool that is known as Navik Tool.

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The commercial terms and conditions for a business contract is an important lever for business. It becomes more relevant when it is connected to the financials of the business. Or to put it simply, if the business lawyers show real impact on the terms, then the business can understand and negotiate it better. For the lawyer, it means that he/she should understand the business to understand and create the impact. For the sales, it means understanding that contracts can create and erode business margins (i.e., P&L) and/or capital (i.e., balance sheet). Especially in the age where the contract writing is now increasingly a subject matter of Artificial intelligence, the lawyers need to move up the value chain by creating business insights using commercial contracts as levers.

Our NAVIK Tool Specials Features

Generate Contracts

Generate your contract on few clicks

Generate your contracts at the click of a button with our automated contract generation tool known as NAVIK.

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Existing Contract

Check your Existing Contracts

You can check your already created/existing contracts by uploading it ob our automated NAVIK tool & check it's clauses.

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Contract Approval

Check all clauses before approving

Check & take approval from your management by sending an automatic email with the contract details & Clauses before approving your contracts.

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Short Version

Generate shor version of contracts

You can also create a short version contracts for some micro/small works, like Software development Privacy

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Update Contracts

Update your contracts

You can update your existing or already created contracts at anytime on our NAVIK tool by uploading it or by selecting the previous contracts

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Obligation inform

Check all clauses before approving

Give the right people, the right information, regarding performing obligations in your contracts by using our automated email system

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Why we need Contract Automation Software

  • Contract in-a-box: Generate contract by a click of a button
  • Compare existing contracts : Compare existing contract with AI based contract repository
  • Digitized: SaaS based automation to allow online access 24 x 7
  • Obligation information: automated alerts for efficient contract management post signature
  • Contract Analysis: Smart one page contract analysis for efficient risk management
  • Integration: Integrate with existing corporate systems
  • Customized solution:Customizable to demand based industry standards
  • Audit trail: Allow audit trail over the complete life cycle, offer-negotiate-sign-execute.